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We have a team of expert and qualified investigators to cover different types of cases, operating nationally and internationally, with more than 25 years of experience conducting private investigations, which, our public highlights the speed and professionalism of the service that obtain.

Our work priority is to solve your needs as a client at all costs, to be able to deliver finished documentation and fully detailed reports.

As a team "Investigue" we stand out for our capacity to be involved in the cases that arise, being decisive, discreet and effective. We ensure the confidentiality of each of our investigations.

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Depending on the research to be carried out, information and / or tests to be obtained, we plan a specific research protocol, which will allow us to achieve the intended objective. We invite you to dig deeper into each of our research areas below.



Industrial Espionage Labor Duplicity Infiltrations Unions


Couples Cases

Wrongful Divorce
Child Care Child abuse   


Vehicular Cases

Vehicle Loss
Vehicle Theft
Vehicle Location


Licensing Cases

Insurance Fraud
Medical licenses

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Nº1 Call

  • Here you will receive the orientation and information about our services for labor, matrimonial, vehicle and insurance cases.
  • We will explain in detail our simple processes to start your care quickly and safely. Then move on to step 2.

Nº2 Team

You will meet our team that will accompany you in your service experience.

  • Sales
  • Investigation
  • Customer service
  • Post Service

Nº3 Assignment

  • Once you have the advice and attention of our team, you can choose the service you need most immediately or want.
  • This will allow us to immediately start your service and thus be able to deliver your reports and corresponding reports.

Nº4 Execution

  • In this stage you will give us the tip of the foot under the information that you have available to us to be able to start your Investigation and start the reports.
  • Our researchers will already be on the move to collect all the data, photos, videos, in short, concrete evidence.

Nº5 Consensus

  • You will have alternatives to be able to agree to cancel the service with a certain percentage of the first instance to be canceled.
  • Once the service is finished for the specified period of time, the other part of the service will be canceled, reaching an agreement by both parties.

Nº6 Post Service

  • Having completed your search, we offer to extend the service (for an extra charge) to further investigate your case.
  • We guarantee our clients an excellent RESEARCH management, but no evidence if it were in the case that these did not exist.

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Successful cases in the world

Throughout the entire United States of North America Latin America we have successfully achieved our cases.


Countries with our services

With a presence in USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Chile.

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Years of experience

Our years of experience support us to carry out our work efficiently.

Thank you for choosing us, we are PI US


1860 North Pine Island Rode. Suite 113-114, 333222, Plantation, Florida. 


Av. Luis Alberto Herrera y Av. Veintiséis de Marzo World Trade Center 12th Floor Tower III


2442 Del Libertador Av, 3er y 4to piso. Edificio office Center, Olivos.


Av. El Derby 055. Edificio Cronos, Torre 1, psio 7, Santiago de Surco, Lima.


Edificio World Trade Center. Calle 100 # 8a-37. Torre A piso 5, oficina 5050. Bogotá. 


Torres del Mall del Sol 4 Piso – Esquina Avenida Joaquin Orrantia y Juan Tanca Marengo. Guayaquil.


Guardia Vieja 202, oficina 403, Providencia, Santiago. Región. RM. 





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